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Modalities of Massage

Functional massage therapy is an intuitive approach focused on assessment of the root cause of pain, discomfort & limitation in activity. It utilizes an integrated approach of multiple modalities to eliminate or reduce the cause of the issue. The goal is to loosen and break up restricted fascia & scar tissue, lengthen muscle attachments & help sore, tired, overworked muscles recover. Additional goals include detoxing & flushing the system of lactic acid & toxins, as well as increasing mind-body awareness & maintaining general wellness as part of your preventative health regimen. These techniques can be used to yield improved cosmetic results as well & overall relaxation & reduced stress.

Functional Massage Therapy definition

  • Deep tissue massage:
  • Swedish massage:
  • Sports therapy:
  • Cupping:
  • Guasha:
  • Reflexology:
  • Hot stones:
  • Aromatherapy:
  • Thai massage: